In 4.0 do you think the crossbow will be buffed again?The Crossbow used to be a 1 shot kill to the head even with a helmet, and in 4.0 will there be better gun crafting? EX: crafting pistols, silencers, rifles.

In 4.0 will there be some type of rifle that takes 9mm or .45 acp?

realistically no ones gonna be crafting supressors my boi

well since the zombies will be harder i guess you need a suppressor so hordes of zombies don’t go to you

A suppressor can be made with a toilet paper roll.
It’ll only be good for one shot, but if you need more than one, you’re doing something wrong.

A toilet paper roll isn’t going to have much affect, unless the gun doesn’t have much gas coming out of it in the first place.

Point blank range.

Shoot the gun with a milk box or a pillow at the muzzle

The only real working homemade suppressor would be an oil filter from what I know. (and a pillow, but who is seriously going to be carrying one around.)

1 an oil filter can be used pretty efficiently with a certain adapter but it blocks everything you can see pretty much
2 pillows dont work at all

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THE stupit is blinding. Toilet paper rolls? Pillows? Dead cats? You’d have to make one with baffles on the inside, like from a gas filter, and no matter what you make the gun will still be about as quiet as you screaming at the top of your lungs. It just won’t give you hearing damage and carry for 10 miles.

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uh you misspelled stupid…
also i agree with the stupidity of pillows toilet paper rolls and uh dead cats but there are ways to easily make supressors… just not any of the examples given here

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