Guys I'm a little concerned

Guys, Armaros went to the park and he said he was going to look for “The perfect child” and he hasn’t come back. All the juice boxes are gone and he hasn’t paid rent.


He’s just going to the local adoption centre, he’s all for helping those who are less fortunate than him.


I sure hope so


He brought juice boxes with him to show that he’s a caring father.


Ya know I think he just got drunk off of anime and juice
That or he’s high

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How long ago did he leave? If he’s doing what he said he was he may have decided to also stop by the bank to get some money and pay the rent.

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30 hours

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Might want to check any nearby dumpsters for “suspicious” contents if that’s the case.

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I’m afraid of finding that child he was looking for…

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Are you saying karen

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I have 6 lolis in my basement and two more in the van.

Now all I need to do is:

  1. Buy the AMX-13 I saw online for $61,000

  2. teach them how to drive it

My plan to turn Girls Und Panzer into a real thing is almost complete but I need your guy’s help

please hurry the FBI is on my ass


not again :woman_facepalming:


just teach them karate

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Congratulations, you have just caused SDGForums to be flagged by the FBI.


I’m sure it already was though.


I mean, you have @Number_one with his knowledge on homemade explosives.

i think we should stick with chainsaws and karate
please we don’t need one less forum user gone

If this was a response to me: I don’t see anything saying that I can’t tell you all how to make bombs.

I suppose he also owns one of these bad boys.

Finally, after everything I went through, I can finally confirm that armaros is, in fact, a pedophile