Happy birthday Great Hero J!


When was Jessica born doe?


I’ve done a bit of investigating and [Redacted] the age of [Redacted], so [Redacted] is more than likely [Redacted] for [Redacted].

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Thanks so much for all the kind regards guys! :smile:

Looking back, it’s kinda hard to believe that I first started playing Unturned when I was 13, and today I’m now a legal adult at 19. It’s been a long many years since I first came into the Unturned community, but here’s to the good times that have yet to come. :tada:

P.S: also, thanks especially to Nelson for making my favourite game of all time, and hopefully my second favourite game as well soon! Unturned and its community have had a profound and wonderful impact on my life.


lol old man


Happy day of birth :cake:

Why is there a camoflauge pancake

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happy birthday comrade

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