"hardcore" mode

Hardcore mode would be with less gear etc just like in 3.0 but with a twist when you die you will get banned for certain amount of time wich can be changed by servers owner or be turned off completly that would make players use stealth insdead of just running into towns etc comment what you think about this idea


The only problem I see with this (cool) ban mechanic is fresh spawn killers. Spawning just to be shot after 3 minutes from some geared players who would storm up and down the spawning points (see Russia) would be odd.

For the rest, nice idea

Edit: To solve this, a really cool idea imo would be to ban even for a day players who die from envoironment causes (suicide, animals, starvation etc) but punish way less who gets pvp’d, if not avoid the ban at all.

Sure, there is a way to exploit if you got a friend. Exit group, get killed from him, respawn full food/water… I wonder if there is a solution for this :thinking:

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Hmmm maybe instead of desginated spawnpoints there would be randomized ones?

Spawns are already randomized. You could add tons of spawning points around, but I don’t think that this could really solve the thing.

Maybe having people who got killed in a fight banned for a smaller duration of time eg a hour or something

Edit: That would only come in effect when you didn’t start the fight

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I’d rather not have a system that bans you if you die, I mean I get it’s supposed to be “hardcore” but that’s way too much. It’s also a good way to kill off your playerbase on your server! :frowning:

A solution to this would maybe be timed respawns, and checks if players are near spawnpoints, ensuring the player always spawns away from spawnkillers or just other players in general. This would also help the “that person just appeared out of nowhere!” exclmation when looking at a fresh spawn.

Well technicly it is a timed respawn and server owners have complete freedom of tweaking or disabling this feature

While that may be true, I see no point in hardcore mode. The server owner, by turning this on will still kill their server, meaning that they will probs be lonely and unban the person. I can see this mode getting worn out and not used at all.

Also, welcome to the forum xD

For starters, this WILL be added just because it seems like it would be pretty easy to mod in, and if there is a demand for it it will be made. There are a few problems that I see with it, mainly that group players would probably leave once one of their friends died, which could be a good thing, because there are still lots of solo players. This sounds pretty interesting to me, but as other people said the server wouldnt really have a community because if you die you have to leave.

I still think this is interesting, but it would probably only be introduced as a mod, and only used on private servers.

It’s hardcore, who joins perfectly knows what they’re facing, especially in this scenario. There won’t be crybabies, and imo there is no bigger risk for the players that might join this mode to abandon the server compared to other ones.

I don’t see why.

Hell no.

A hardcore mode should be more of another difficulty, without the “ban” idea. I’ll make my own post about how a Hardcore Mode could work later.

no not another wall of text thing

The die=ban thing is just fine, I would totally play it but it should also give some better reward somehow to balance the effort (dedicated achiments? )

The entire point of this post is to discuss an idea for a new game mode, not an adjustment that needs to be made to hard difficulty, if you want to create a post about changes to the hard difficulty that’s fine, but it’s not a valid argument for why hardcore mode shouldn’t be implemented.

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Less gear is in Unturned 3.0’s hard mode already.

And the ban feature could be disabled by the owner completly.

That’s actually not a very bad idea but is a strange one and has a bit of issues such as nobody really wanting to play that mode cause they don’t want to loose their stuff

That’s why you gotta stay alive! Trust me, there is more then a few hardcore players\teams around that would love this mode

Wouldn’t taking the ban feature away just bring us back to square one, hard mode?

@arandom so making it clear, are you actually suggesting this for 3.0 or UII?

@anon24515308 this new game mode, as the way as it has been depicted so far, could only work if it’s done via separate game sessions, alike Arena Mode or EFT’s matchmaking, because you can only get a mess as a result of banning people upon death on a real-time gameplay mode. I’m actually not against hardcore mode at all, but however, this isn’t how it should be implemented.

@m4djoker yo dude my walls aren’t blocking any borders, just walk past them lol ( :man_shrugging: )

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No, i am not suggesting this to unturned 3