Has anyone here done one of the easter egg quests in vanilla survival?

Just a question. Has anyone here actually done them legit? I did soulcrystal legit but that isnt much. If you guys are down I could probably set up a private server and we can all try to do MK2 or something.

Just curious

I did the newanstein one legit, but i haven’t done any of the others…

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i haven’t completed any of the secret weapon achievements

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I’ve only done the main soulcrystal… I think… Maybe not, dunno. Can’t remember.

I’d be up to do Mk. II with you.

However, I require maple syrup to absorb power from the environment via reverse osmosis

Personally I need to absorb a special non-saline solution through normal osmosis because I am one salty boi.

I’ve done all of them legit with one of my friends, honestly a lot of fun

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did soulcrystal and mk 2 legit with friends, not neuchwnabsnasdnasfntein tho

i did mkII with a real big group one time on pvp server, except i didn’t really do much.

Same, but I’ve cheated them more than I’ve done them legit. :man_shrugging:


the pirate quest is better


hey remember that time i did the germany easteregg before you

@Firebolt you are gonna like this thread

I’ve not done the easter eggs legit because it is a pain to do so for me and im tired of playing singleplayer and because I was bored .

and because it is to difficult on a decent server to do that without being killed.

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