Has Nelson gotten in over his head?

With all the new features planned, does it seem to anyone that there are too many rabbit holes to go down, and too much programming for anyone short of a genius to complete themselves? On the other hand, it seems like there’s an almost functional game already, and the promised features mean updates can contain just that, new features, instead of a new boat with high cal explosive ammo, and maybe a Warframe style model is good, where you put out a functional game and gradually add features as time and funds become available.

Doesn’t sound like the direction Nelson wants to take 4.x into :thinking:


Mark my words.
Never underestimate Nelson.

Also, I don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to say in your post.
Mind elaborating?


I’m specifically referring to most of the later 3.0 updates, which have were mostly made up of more cars, more maps, more guns, but really no new features.

Ah I see now.
Sorry to be the barer of bad news but, the focus is going to go to 4.x

What I’m trying to say in the second half of my post is that I hope having an overload of new mechanics to implement and test will provide sufficient update material without having to fall back on adding new maps and vehicles just because an update has to happen this week, like what happened with 3.0 in its later stages. It’s 3 am, please excuse my lack of mental clarity.

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I’m entirely unsure what you’re getting at. Title sounds a bit aggressive

Also wrong category? Since you’re talking about 3.x

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Ah alright cool! That title is a bit misleading tho lmao.
Im sure he will have lots of features up his sleeve this time around.

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I think he’s just using Unturned 3 as an example of “past mistakes.”

Depends on what we call functional. The core of the game hasn’t been polished or really even added yet, but the game can definitely launch well enough to the point that people are still wanting to play it anyways. At its current stage in development I’d say it’s really not much more than a “tech demo” than anything else though.

Can we take a break and figure out what people actually think has been a promised feature thus far? People seem to make a lot of assumptions about what’s actually been confirmed versus what has been heavily implied as a wish versus everything else. :confused:

At some point someone seriously needs to make a post of all actually confirmed things and all of the things part of his newer “wishlist” of implications (the often-referenced Trello wishlist isn’t really reflective of that anymore and has become only useful for suggestions to base their ideas on from).

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I have no idea what your point is right now. Do you think Nelson should hire extra workers for Unturned 4.x, does Nelson have to keep updating 3.x or do you think 4.x could be released already?

If point one, don’t underestimate Nelson. Never ever. He created the 4.x base game in a really short time, and he has been programming for a solid amount of 10 years already, he can easily make a game by himself. Although, 4.x will be here faster if Nelson hires somebody to help him. It’s completly up to Nelson to choose.

If point two, Nelson can’t. He knows 3.x is really buggy and hard to create a proper game with. It’s really bad optimized and Unity itself is just a big no. I think it was smart to leave 3.x as it is and recreate the whole concept in Unreal Engine.

If point three, but I don’t think that’s your message to bring with, it can’t. 4.x still has to get alot of stuff done, no way that Nelson can release it already. He did mention in his latest devlog that he is going to release a Beta of 4.x really soon, like he did with Maple Leaf for unturned 3.x. Just wait and see what’s going to happen.

I wouldn’t consider the base game created until the core underlying features of a survival game are implemented in at least a basic form.

Why is Unity a big no? People keep hating on Unity but it’s not a bad game engine and it’s not even the main reason for the optimization issues in Unturned 3. :confused: There’s actual reasons to switch engines, but that’s not the main reason.

Yeah, I did say that wrong indeed, my bad. It’s just, unity has just always been weird and buggy for me, but that must be my problem

I’m pretty sure what peterpetron has been saying is that 4.X should just have a playable version released as is, and have new mechanics added throughout its lifecycle, rather than having all the mechanics finalized early, and later updates just being optimizations, maps, items, and vehicles.

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He’s referring to the one in 3.0, one of the stupid Hawaii ones if I’m not mistaken

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