Hate Group Symbols

Some questions and concerns had been made against certain avatars that users were using on the SDG Forum.

Users using hate group symbols as avatars goes against the Terms of Service. This would include symbols such as:

  • the Nazi Party flag or similar imagery such as the Nazi Eagle
  • the Othala rune
  • SS bolts
  • the Stormfront logo
  • the Sonnenrad
  • the Celtic cross as used by white nationalists
  • the Aryan Fist

Currently, this would not include other symbols that some people may find controversial, such as:

  • the hammer and sickle
  • the circle-A
  • various bundles of rods
  • the red star

There are a lot of symbols people may choose to appropriate in potentially good or bad taste. As it stands, it is not realistic for staff to definitively say which individual symbols are or are not allowed. Due to this, staff are also handling issues based on the rare cases of users deliberating attempting to break the Terms of Service (as opposed to just whether or not a user succeeds in doing so).