Healing options

I’ve done this when i was sleepy, if i have any mistakes, tell me.
In 3.0, if we took damage from anything, that could be fixed by using rags or bandages that can instantly heal you. IMO, in 4.0 we should have this:

When lost health by burning:

  • Bandage, then wait for 1-2 days to recover

When lost health by freezing:

  • Stay near a fire
  • Heatstim

When lost health cuz of blood loss:

  • Bloodbag + Bandage
  • Bandage, recover after (depends on your health):
    If you lost 90% health by blood loss, recover after 1 day
    If lost 45%, recover after half a day
    If lost 20%, recover after 6 in-game hours
    If lost 10% or less, recover after 1-3 in-game hours

When lost health cuz of falling:

  • Splint, but will make you move slower
  • (if it also caused bleeding) Bandage + Splint, that will also slow you down

When lost health by a zombie:

  • Antibiotics, vitamins, cough syrup, vaccine etc. anything that can lower your radiation
  • (if caused bleeding) Bandage

When got shot:

  • Suturekit / Medkit + Bandage (for bleeding)

When lost health by radiation:

  • Vaccine/Antibiotics

The terms we manage for the green bar are actually either Inmunity or infection.

Aside of that, we can assure that healing system will be overhauled in 4.x, as most of what you said here has already been discussed and it is planned to all this to be applied in a much more improved and realistic way.


Hmm, weird. I couldn’t see anything about healing.


So a burn 1-2 days 90%hp lost to bleeding 1 day :smiley:

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If you lost 90% of your blood, you would already have passed out due to shock.

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This sounds like a nightmare for early game players.

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Well, i didn’t really count that xD But it can be applied for someone who wants to save your life.

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I don’t think the blood/health bar represents how much of your total blood is remaining (with 0% being you have no blood left,) but rather 0% seems to be the point where you are incapacitated.


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I don’t know why but. I think if you left yourself bleeding or having your health lower than say. 30%. your immunity should slowly decreases.


don’t blame me, blame the similar topics section

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