Health of objects

Not a big or major suggestion, but I find it kind of infuriating when you go to salvage something with high HP that is slightly damaged, but the % is rounded up so it shows 100% with no way of knowing its damaged.

Similiarly vehicles at 0% hp and not blowing up, I think it would be cool that if vehicles started smoking, they slowly lost health until they caught fire and blew up, like starving and losing health.

But mainly just the % health system, I know theres a “number” behind that % but its impossible to tell at times.


I’ve never ran into this problem, maybe its something you’re making up.

Its a set number. The % is just to keep the text from overwhelming the bar I assume, I am not asking for the % to be removed, but merely if any damage does occur it round down rather than up to avoid the rare yet still annoying cases of salvage confusion.

The latter with vehicles is similar but not as important, you cant salvage a car so I don’t think its as bad, but still a small detail that may be an easy change.

For instance, the Grizzly deals 200 vehicle damage, it doesn’t deal 20% of a vehicles HP. Different cars and models have different HP values.

Same goes for base pieces, structures, etc. Lets say you use a thermobaric on a secure storage box on Arid, It still displays at 100%, but the box is damaged, so when you salvage it, you lose the box.

There is no way to know the box is “damaged” other than blowtorching it beforehand.

I like the idea about health slowly going down when the car starts smoking, but only when you are driving while it’s damaged.

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