Heavily urbanized areas/maps

I want you guys’ thoughts on areas, or even maps that are in a heavily urbanized environments.
We all know that Unturned’s maps at this point were little towns, scattered around a more plain and country-side-esque environment and the BIG towns weren’t all that big, with Berlin being the largest city in an official map in Unturned 3.0 and even that wasn’t really big.
People that have played DayZ will instantly think of Chernogorsk, a very nice balance between dense buildings and open areas. Here’s a picture:

That’s the more performance-friendly approach to denser architecture, but if we want to step it up a notch and just go full-out CQC, then we’re gonna move up North and go to Dubky:
While there aren’t a lot of buildings here, they compensate with their short spaces between the buildings and the more obvious one, their size. Every building you see on the picture is true to a real building of this type with 12 floors. each floor having apartments with individual rooms and every part of them is accessible, including the roof.
If we want to go even crazier, which i’m sure no one would want at this point, because no matter how optimized UE4 is, a city of this size and architecture… Would mean we’ll need to have about 20 LOD levels and minimal detail at more or less, 2 streets ahead. Either that, or it will just do what DayZ does and completely disregard performance.
What are your thoughts on this ?


With the amount of trees and the size of buildings we’re seeing from the teaser images, I’m pretty sure the game will partly have actual town/city sizes

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I sure hope so, that would fix a lot of the problems regarding loot and survivability in cities, the ones we currently have, it’s all just: Go in, loot, leave and leave nothing else for the people that loot afterwards. It would avoid the need to bump up loot spawns, which would more or less steer people into a more PVP-focused gameplay, because everyone finds weapons and plenty of crafting materials for stuff.

My personal assumption is that most of Unturned II’s towns and cities would at least be around the size of Unturned 3’s larger cities (ie: Seattle, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, etc.). Then the “main cities” would probably be twice as large. Maybe.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing cities as large as Cherno is overall, though I’d appreciate having more openness to Unturned II’s cities. They’re all just so compact in Unturned 3.

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I agree,unless Nelson optimizes this properly.
He even says this in the Trello:

Performance above all else

Proceeds to add one house, and calls it a city


I really disliked how towns worked in 3.0.

Rarely do you drive an empty road and then come across a sudden cluster of buildings irl. In Unturned it just looks really weird.

Towns should be stretched out more, and we should also see houses and other little things along roads, especially near towns, creating outskirts that help blend empty areas into more condensed ones.


Ok,calm down jesus!
I just don’t want to run at 20fps when I’m in a city like in 3.0.


Sure, it’ll be plenty more optimized, but we also can’t assume it will be able to handle way more than 3.x has to. It’s definitely a bit far fetched to claim


Every system has its limits, and until we can test them or get some sort of benchmark from Nelson, you can’t rule out certain things in excess still creating lag.

This is the next "It’s balanced because it’s rare!" meme.

I mean, both stem from an equal amount of misinformation.


I know that.But big cities are big cities,and lots of objects are lots of objects,and lots of objects cause lag in any game,and lag causes games to crash,and games that crash make people want to throw their computers out the window.

I’m not saying that I don’t want big cities in 4.0.I just don’t want Nelson to overdo it for everyone’s sake.Not everybody here has a 2000$ gaming PC(Not trying to insult you Aj ,this is a fact.:blush:)

We’re all well aware of that, but have you actually taken a look at my 3rd example ? I meant this thing quite literally skyscrapper to skyscrapper. Of course, i don’t want a life-size New York, but having a city like, twice the size of Berlin with architecture as dense and complex like the 3rd picture is… quite a performance eater.

How likely is it that if we get bigger cities, Nelson will allow us to access every floor? Most likely floors will be mostly blocked off and empty, or not have a while ton of objects.

That still leaves the large quantity of higher poly buildings scattered around. After all, it’s a survival game, so part of them HAS to be accessible, if not the entire building, some of it, which still leaves us with a bunch of stuff that our PC has to load up and render later on. It’s not as easy as saying: “Unreal Engine 4 is better, it’ll be more optimized”. Of course, i’m not denying the fact that UE4 is far more superior than Unity, but it doesn’t make everything perfect just because it’s UE4.

though unturned 4.0 may look higher poly, it’s likely that large things will still be low poly :stuck_out_tongue:

But still won’t be a big box with holes in it like in 3.0. I’m not saying that every brick is gonna be modeled, textured and rendered, but it would definitely be more than 3.0.
Maybe some chunks of buildings being broken off ?

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