Help me with workshop stuff plz

I planned on adding modded items to my server but I want them to spawn naturally, how do I do such a thing (if mod maker didnt set it up himself). Please no jokes. Also I’m talking about mods that arn’t mine.

You would have to edit the map your server is running and manually add item spawns for the new modded stuff.
If you want to edit already existing maps, create a new map of the same size and gamemode, go to your unturned files, duplicate the map you want to edit and drag the level.dat file from the map you just made to the duplicate. Now you can delete the map you just made. (there’s an easier way of doing this but this is the cleanest)
Once you do that, restart your game and you are ready to start adding stuff. Open up the map and under the spawns tab, there will be an items tab where all spawn tables will be ready for you to open up and edit.

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Thanks for reply.
I have few questions related to this…
The map that is in question is russia, would the player have to download anything (except mod of course) else if I did that?
Could this cause any bugs or something?

Yes, you would need to upload your version of russia to the workshop and people would have to download it but there shouldn’t be any bugs caused by it.

Hmmm, is there any other way that doesn’t require coding knowledge?

This does not require coding knowledge.

The other way is to add your spawns through spawn tables but you won’t have absolute control over what spawns (although you could set weights on spawns to something ridiculous like 64000:1 so technically the items you don’t want wouldn’t spawn). Not sure if there are tutorials on it but the way I learnt it is I got spawn table file from someone smarter and used it for my mod to make it spawn in couple places. So if you want to go down this route download some mod (like this one, although I was lazy and combined gun to spawn in same table as the mag as I couldn’t be arsed to throw it in separate table for mags cause it’s more effort, thats why I prefer to make mods you can craft smh) that has spawn tables and just inspect it through spawn table viewer in game and figure out where you want to place your spawns.


I didn’t say that what danaby2 said was requiring coding knowledge. The thing is, I don’t want the go route of uploading to the workshop. So that’s why it may have sounded like I was saying it required coding knowledge. Spawn tables could work, I just don’t know how to use it. Could try to learn off of an example.