Hey fellas lets hop on a PEI server!

oh… nevermind, uhm, there is basically no servers with our preferred filters.

No worries, we can lower our expectations and try more things like any mode, or server that don’t have monetization filter setup,

o-oh… oh… okay…

suffice to say fellas, we will not be playing Unturned today!


Hey fellas I know we all want PEI but I figured we could try a Russia server instead!

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Whats the problem with wipes


There is no valid reason to wipe all of my progress.

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What about server performance, stuff gets really slow with 5000 bases everywhere


Sweet, another Rain complains about the state of the game thread.
I’d tell you to be the change you want to see but I am sure you heard that before.


Welcome to the center of hell

I don’t even play the game anymore I just like shitting on things

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If all the servers are bad then host your own one.

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He did

And it failed

I have found zero evidence to suggest that barricades or structures contribute to latency lag whatsoever.

This is further evidenced by the fact that my franchise ran servers for 18 months without wiping, and my friend has ran his server for 36 months without wiping, and there is no lag to be found.

We can prove this, because running a fresh server on the same map yields the same latency despite having none of the structures or barricades, the only lag there is, is Unturned’s bad net-code and of course the host’s internet provider.

way ahead of you.

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For some reason, I read all this in Goofy’s voice.


its the only way to read it

hey rain, what server do you mainly play on? asking for a friend

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Obviously its not latency lag that is made by barricades and structures, it is frame lag, and seeing as how alot of people if not the majority of unturned players are using lower end pcs it would make sense to wipe servers after a while

only the best

Except every server owner I’ve talked to on why they wipe cite server lag as the problem.

There are alternatives to wiping everyones progress - such as the decay system literally built into the game.

The decay system is OK but still not the best. People who play on the server will obviously want to build a larger base to hold more loot and protect it, if they log on their bases dont decay. Also wipes level the playing field stopping someone from having all the loot and just camping military and whatever else, so when they wipe they dont have loot and everyone is equal.

These players basically have a monopoly on loot and stuff, you of all people should know this is bad.

more loot will spawn

thats vanilla for you

that defeats the entire point of the game

Wipes are stupid. If one player or a group is having monopoly of the server, a greater alliance of small groups can easily restore balance. Wiping the progress of such smaller groups or single individuals makes restoring that balance harder. In many occasions I was about to singlehandedly go against the largest and mightiest group, only to get wiped the session before I was about to.

Many single players and particularly beginners will use the ruins of an already raided base as it’s unlike going to be revisited any time soon.

I only play in non-wipe servers myself. I remember playing in Leo servers before where there were up to three wipes a week. You just couldn’t do shet.

I play only Vanillas too. On occasion I may go camp somewhere not exclusively military base. Small maps like PEI and Washington are unattractive and I choose any other that have quests for a more varied experience.

I’m 40 years old, I work and in Spring and Summer I’m very outdoorsy so my gaming time is short as opposed to kids who I can see logging 6+ on a daily basis at minimum, yes I said minimum. Still if you are good, you can pull good performances that can balance odds better based on your skill and efficiency to be more productive in shorter time. To me, wipes, shatter all my efforts which based on the shorter gaming sessions, we’re well planned and executed…

…just because some people cannot wait for the DEFAULT “de-spawn” of structures…

If your game lags because either you run a shitty PC (even my own is poor) or you are on the opposite side of the world of the host location…just change server and stop :stop_sign: PISSING on other people’s games, or run your own servers.


Levelling the playing field after like 3 months or so doesn’t ruin defeat the point of the game.

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