Hey guys

boi yee are wrong. Steam is not a GAME it is a… PERSON

Please don’t lewd steam.

No steam is also a LAD.
He’s a good lad.

N0lson shall be Proud of his, Creation.

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I swear if you say lad for 1 more time. I’ll gibble ye eyes out. With proofs that sydney is a mAn in a non-friendly way.

sydney is not a lad, she is a lass

Actually at this point I’m confused at my own sarcasm.

But I vill proof yo with pictures later.

by the people that hopefully disagree with this…hopefully… or maybe im outnumbered by the people who want this to happen.

Look I dont even know. deal wit it

Let’s settle this once and for all.
No tricks, no shapeshifing and no swords. Just poll.

  • Captain sydney is a lass but AJ is also a lass.

  • AJ is a lad but captain sydney is a lad aswell.

  • You big gay

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In all seriousness tho. I’ll just proof it later.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!
she pulls you aside

Quote from the Coldcase quest line.

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Did the title of this post just assume my gender?

That’s a typo lol. /s

Man I should’ve use commander’s instead.

are you not the plural form of “guy?”

GreatHeroJs vote disgusts me.

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I refer to everyone as “guys” regardless of gender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if she is a man, she identifys as a woman, so it doesn’t matter if you prove your silly conspiracy.

slightly TrIgGeRRed

Oh boy, I gotta make a rant outta this confusion.

Same. I don’t get why a lot of people get so worked up because you say “oi dude” or something like that to them.

I really don’t care what pronouns you use to refer to me online (although “it” is a bit dehumanizing) I just thought I’d crack that joke since we were already on the topic of pronouns and gender identity. In person I think the gender I am is pretty obvious, so if I were called the other gender I’d probably think the intent was to offend, but I wouldn’t really care all that much. (Unless I have some deep rooted selfhatred because I don’t feel my body is good enough and I just haven’t realized it yet.)

I was talking in a broad sense, not you specifically…