Hey kids, what do you look like irl?




send selfies

after 10 selfies and 20 likes I’ll post my own @pulpfreewater

for every 5 likes I’ll post a selfie of an RA member

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Image Dumping Grounds



Shitty picture. I need a haircut


I don’t really want to post a picture of me, but I can post you a picture of what I look like.
minus the beard.

vinesauce joel



also @pulpfreewater 1080×1934 is a pretty funky resolution for a camera ;(


I cropped it because someone was on my left


Are you a pedophile


first 5 likes

[RA-3] (soon to be [RA:EN-1]) Mandown
(aka mandown syndrome)


I don’t want to know what you look like, I think it’s a blessing we don’t have to.


athens arena shirt
athens arena shirt






it’s me alright


I really really dont look like ninja…

No, not like xQc either.


I know, I have no hair.
And yes, I am in fact 16.

This is the face I wear when someone wants to see my face on the internet.

Bonus: Red with sunglasses. Unfortunately, I'm literally legally blind with sunglasses on.

(Also, scuffed laptop webcam)



we’re only 4995 out of 19980 the way there