Hey Nelson can I get a key?

I have been playing unturned 2.0 for a while now and I just got regular recently and I think that means I deserve a 3.0 key! I wanna check out all the cool new maps like Russia and Germany!


give this mans key

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Mee too ! I’ve been playing since Skypoint and I really want a key for Unturned 2, I want to see PEI


how did noobyfish not get a key? he is the most integral part of this community. he made such great maps and mods such as “hawaii”, “germany” and “fiffes firearms”


Not worth it, Carpat got removed recently :expressionless:


I have played so much skypoint for the past few years, Its really getting to me man! I just want to see the Liberator!

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I wish I could have played it… I sadly don’t have a key for 3.0…

i really don’t know how nelson selected people to get the key, because i got one while only being on this forum for like 12 days.

You forgot about how you got an early access beret which makes you a 10-hour hardened veteran


y’all are banned

from 5.0


will there even be a 5.0?

Apparently so…

Please no ban I just feel entitled to a 3.0 key

Banned from 6.0 too now!



Madagascar Zimbabwe Border Testing opens our arms to welcome you, brethren.

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wait wait we can talk about this! what if I just send nelson a key request through email so I can show it off on my youtube channel with 100 subs?

@calamari how did you get a beta key for 2.0 I’m still stuck in Deadzone

gives me a key too nelson i only became regular like, 2 weeks after the giving out of the keys :frowning:

Bruh, they’re being sarcastic about 3.0 keys.

wooooshh @Aj_Gaming

Just search on YouTube “roblox code” and you’ll get the Deadzone key.