Hey Nelson can I get a key?

No need for one of those, I already got one from my good pal @danaby2 .
He was nice enough to give me his extra roblox key!

I got my Regular rank 3 days after wave one.

wait you need a key for 3.0?

Yeah 3.0 is no longer free and now you need a key to play it lol

Nesonln.Pls i have had my account since 1.0 (i didnt get beret on due to bug and o nmy bruther aooc ount ) so give me beta pls

You are complaing about not getting an
unturned key but I lost my house key,can some plz give me the house key in case you see it Iā€™m outside for 4 Days and my phone battery is at 1% Help.

Image result for Broken Keys png

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Fek 10 char

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