Highway Tunnel

It’s still more of a concept, but here is this highway tunnel thing I came up with. Turned out pretty well if you ask me! What do you think?


It looks well done (as opposed to rare :grin:), great job! Curious, how long are you planning on making that tunnel?

The tunnel was detonated in an attempt to the contain the virus. And thanks!

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Ah, now I want to know more haha. I don’t suppose you can take another screenshot from a higher viewpoint?

Sure, give me a second to update this post.

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looks awesome

Beautiful. You always make good maps

Adding some cars could give a nice effect, nice job.

I love the concept of a massive highway tunnel. It also turned out pretty well!

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How did you cut the ground in perfect shape for the tunnel and also the highway overpass you did?

For the tunnel, it took alot of trial and error and a really small terrain thing. I used landscape hole nodes for the underpass.


ah thanks a ton!

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