Hire Devs?

Nelson must have alot of money from U3. So why dosent he hire devs? If he hires a good dev he can cut the development time in half.

It’s not that easy or inexpensive.
He can’t just hand them out 2K a person and have them work for him, he needs to pay them a salary, which is impossible, considering that he doesn’t have investors and a constant flow of money to his company’s capital. And trust me, he doesn’t have a lot of money from 3.0’s Gold Upgrades. Definitely not enough to start a team of developers.


Hopefully Nelson gives the development over to 505 so we can get something as crisp as console edition.


Keep in mind that the revenue flowing from the DLC, stockpile store and other stuff doesn’t just sit around unused, but even then it’s not enough to shift towards building a decently sized dev team.

The least I like to suggest for the dev is to have someone skilled in artistic design (Modelling, sound, graphics, etc.) so he still has full control of the game’s direction while cutting off a tedious part of developing his game (Same reason why he hired somebody to handle most community interactions, something which may distract him). But that’s if he finds somebody who’s willing to volunteer and be cooperative



I don’t have a president, but I want Yarrrr as my president.

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This is pretty much what I always saw curated as being for.


massive :nauseated_face:

Will you see nelson is socially awkward, he stays in his house 24/7, if he interacts with the outside world he might die of a stroke.


Ask me how I know you cannot into finances and game development

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very based


Maybe nelson should hire more volunteers to check through the code and make models and shit like that.

Freelancers are more viable, but again, decent freelancers cost more and they’re gonna stack up really quick.

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