Horde beacon zombies glitching under the ground at Holman Island (PEI) and horde not ending even if there arent any zombies nearby

Im a Admin on a PEI server, some guys were doing a Horde beacon and i was playing with them, but the horde beacon bugged and we thought that one zombie was around there waiting to be killed , i heard some noises under the ground and i thought "wtf i thought that there is only one place underground in Holman Island, i gave myself powers (F1-F7) with the console and started spectating, i took a picture to let you guys see what happened

After killing that zombie (walking around him and it coming to me leaving the buggy area) The horde beacon wasnt responding , it didnt end or spawn more zombies , just stay there without doing anything (i also checked for more buggy zombies around but there wasnt any :c)
Please you Nelson or however watch this , could this get fixed?


Honestly, from all places in PEI where you could have done a Horde Beacon…you just had to choose a place with an underground where zombies could easily get stuck… half the fault is yours. Trust me, I did dozens of HBs already and instinctively, you should have had a hunch about how problematic it could get there… lesson learnt?

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