Horde Beacon

In 3.0 it’s simply a cache of instant raiding loot since many people know cheap strats with it such as hundreds of wooden spikes and other means. People complain that it makes raiding too easy as you have access to machine guns and explosives from it.

As far I understand it’s meant to be a (sad) replacement of Horde Mode which was a game mode abandoned in 3.0 right after its released. Since the game mode will be coming back (And surprisingly earlier than expected for zombie testing) in the new game, it would mean that this thing won’t return

But is there a posibility that it can be added back?

I think the item could return in a form that it’s not an easy loot box but simply a tool.

What I mean by that us that it won’t drop items or cause the entire zombie population of the location to chase you, but it would simply attract zombies within its detection radius, gathering them around the device. Maybe it would be slightly larger than the detection radius of a gun fire

Yes, essentially I want it converted into a noise trap.

Maybe, and optionally, with a twist. After 30 seconds of being activated, it will immediately explode, killing zombies and heavily wounding tough variants (if such exist other than a mega).

I believe it shouldn’t be the same size as the portable generator but a small placeable similar to Demolition Charge where it can stick on surfaces.

To obtain this item, you need:

  • Demolition charge (Military item)
  • Timer/clock (Civilian junk)
  • Wire (Craftable/hardware store item)
  • Electronic scrap (If my junk suggestion is considered)
  • Moderate/high level crafting skill

What do you think? I mean I never want the horde beacon back, but I’m just interested in this new Horde Beacon design


That could be good enough. Although, ti wouldn’t be a “horde beacon” itself, but simply a noise trap, wich could be awesome to clean up locations like towns and cities.

Also, the amount of military charges would have to be heavy enough to kill everything within a range about of 25m (almost like it does in Insurgency), and also require high engineering and electronics crafting skill, so it won’t be exploited that much as an “Insta-EZ-PZ-Zombie-Clean-Inator” item, LOL.

I like the idea, but I think it would be pretty neat to have a cheaper variant of that. If you do not have the demolition charge, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to craft just a regular beeper to attract the zombies to that area temporarily.

The idea itself is pretty nice though. I do love the idea of being able to control an actual horde of zombies by just using noise like they do in some popular TV Series (The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead S8 EP1 Spoiler

Horde being led.

I would like to see generic lure traps, such as an electronic system rigged to make a loud alarm sound, or baited boxes of meat, or even frequency emitters to repel certain lifeforms away from a location.

That said I really hate the current Horde Beacon design.


I think your idea for the “new horde beacon” would be very cool to try as like an achievement in some place in 4.0 and that the horde beacon really shouldn’t ever return. I feel like doing a horde can almost be too easy and there really isn’t a point to it other than the guns from it because you can set up traps or camp the zombies from a tower.

As for the crafting of this new addition, I feel like it should be a little bit harder to make and should only be usable at certain times much like the Russia door that you have to say Anastasia at night to get in.

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