Horde Event From a Players Eye

This event was pretty fun, would rate 10/10. Beginning was a bit rough but was still a lot of fun!
Here are 2 screenshots I took:

Not to flex buuut, I survived last twice :slight_smile:
Side Note: When I am writing this the Event is still going on, but i am going to do other stuff. Also we kind of dipped on Nelson when we changed from Potatoes horde to Church Horde

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Good job. I canโ€™t even survive 3 zombies because I run out of ammo.

You can buy ammo, and you can buy magazines/drums.


I donโ€™t have enough money. I buy gun, barely get any zombies killed, barely any money for more ammo, or they swarm me at the ammo station

Depending on the map, ammo (per bullet) for the Eaglefire should only cost 5 or 10 points.

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Glad you had fun. Hope to see you next time as well :smiley:


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