Horde mode is fun

Yes it can be boring, but I really love it. It’s sort-of the first time we’ve gotten a feel for what the main game could be. I really like the atmosphere of the map and I hope that’s how night will normally look. I seriously love when a group of congos just stand around with survivors too. I’ve never doubted Unturned II, but this is the first time I can actually picture it as a completed game.

Just wanted to spit out all my thoughts into one post.


One of my personal favorite (albeit small) parts is how zombies actually have a hitbox and you can’t just rush through them, requiring future planning if you need to go through a horde.


This is why Nelson made the mistake of abandoning the game mode in 3.0 :rage:

It’s fun (Although may be repetitive depending on how you cope it), and you can try different things quickly rather than building up very slowly in PvE survival. When modding comes in there would be many potential designs and themes to be made.

The introduction of a physical hitbox is a start for enemies to not be a joke. The game mode is probably the best way to test out NPCs to introduce in the main game.


When me and over a dozen other nameless fellows were huddled up amidst the absolute chaos as yellow, green, and red filled the screen and bullets flew in all directions, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the hectic fun that ensued in my first weeks playing U3 alpha, TF2, and other classics in 2014. The mix of unfamiliarity, seeing brand new content for the first time, and cooperation in a large group of friends and community members alike is really unforgettable.

There’s some weird air of nostalgia that comes from super enjoyable experiences like this that I really can’t quite explain, but I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the most fun I’ve had potentially since my pre-university gaming days.

Also Nelson if you’re reading this you really went and set a high bar! I hope this is just the beginning.


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