Horde Mode Suggestions

(as if there weren’t enough of these)

I do not have access to the Unturned 2 private beta, but from watching some people play it i have some possible suggestions that could be incorporated into the mode.

Player Zombie Upgrades
Knowing the power of UE4 from experience, adding a upgrade multiplier to speed, health, or strength shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it should be extremely easy. Each wave player zombies should be given the choice to upgrade one of three skills (Health, Speed, or Strength) and what they upgrade should multiply that skill by a certain percentage, (example: upgrading health would make it (Heath x 1.1), so 100 health would become 110 health). This should help player zombies as it seems extremely hard for them to compete with 3-5 players who have eaglefires and drums.

Player Zombie AFK Timer
There’s always that one player who goes afk in games, but in horde mode they can just hide in one spot and make a horde round last 30 minutes. Zombies are attracted by sound, so player zombies should be instantly killed (most likely) or ai controller (least likely), or even a zone that closes in and kills them to prevent 30 min waves as there is that one person afk.

This is really all I have to say, I’ve never been good at modeling and modding but Unturned 2 inspired me to become a modder for unturned, and im not gonna lie, its not that intuitive. Being able to combine my vast knowledge of UE4 blueprint to be able to create mods for Unturned 2 would be amazing, and whenever I have the ability to join the beta and make mods once the ability is released would be an amazing thing to do.

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