They appear in places like forests and wander the map and then return to where they spawned, there are 15 to 25 zombies if they pass through plantations they destroy it as well as buildings.

I would rather see the number of zombies in a horde that you can find be bigger whit the numbers of days you survived, like in the first days that you started playing you can’t find hordes just small packs
(for ex 2-5 zombies?) and afters a week or more days you get to a horde (for ex 5-25 zombies?) even more days later and the hordes transforms into herds ( over 25 ?) .Also the zombies from the cities start to move to the forest or other places.

Day 150:



I’m 100% sure that after 150 in game days you will be hyper geared.But yeah that I was thinking .

Well, it would be good if horde (herd [nerd-herd?]) would have some limit.
I don’t like the idea of nearly-infinite number of zombies at once.
Maybe some hordes that contain max. 50 zombies after 30 in-game days and occuring every 5-10 days (if zombies would spawn independly, not render at some distance, we don’t even need to meet horde) and some special big horde of 150-200 zombies (but no more, without increasing over time). Bigger, rarer, but under the same conditions - not chasing us from the beginning, knowing where we are even if they don’t see us. One zombie alarmed = whole horde alarmed.
But what about horde beacon? This one which already exist in 3.x. Will it be in 4.x? Will it work the same way (zombie spawner)? Maybe in 4.x it would attract all zombies (regular + hordes) within a huge distance instead of spawning them (it will not work if zombies will be spawned only if we are close to location, just like in 3.x - zombies would need to be spawned on whole map, regardless of our position). This way (independent zombies) zombies would also wander into the wild, be in the wild, wander from location to location, etc.
Whole land would be moar - hehehe - alive.

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