How about such a menu?

I know, I know this looks awful, I don’t know how to use Photoshop, but I made a rough menu and someone may like it. You can make a night, sitting a character on the grass by the fire and in the background a tent and a car and on the left the menu itself

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The blocks/buttons don’t have to be that big horizontally, maybe even should be increased vertically

Null option? :eyes:

i kinda wish there was no black block buttons so it was just the words


its too empty on the right and on the left is just the current menu but scaled down a bit

yeah, more modern

maybe update notes can be on the right side?



I think it’s cool as a sketch, maybe with an adjustment here and there, maybe changing the shape of the buttons or the position.

The idea is fine. I can picture it looking good in my head with a few changes. I don’t think the photoshoped example was necessary though.

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what does “nuull” mean?

Do not allow

Null option, as in neither of the above. Null is the value variables have when they are initialized but have not had a value assigned yet.

he like potato

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