How Battle Royale should work in 4.x

I hope that nelson will either keep the original arena mode or have the PUBG-style gamemode and just call it Arena!

I think that the storm for the battle royale gamemode in Unturned 2 should be a bunch of green and acidic gas that turns the map into a deadzone. When your in the “Storm or Deadzone”, you won’t loose your health, but you will loose your “Radiation” level or the Green bar from 3.0.

The weapons should also be the original vanilla weapons including the names. There will be pills or medical supplies that will increase your health or radiation.

Your character will dress in random clothing in the beginning of the game, Just like in Fortnite BR, when your character’s race and gender changes every game but except it’s clothing. The type of clothing your character will randomly wear have the chance to wear a pair of jeans with a blank T-shirt, a whole tracksuit with stripes, a button-up shirt with khakis or a whole black formal suit.

Instead of a big military plane, there will be a Colorful blimp that you will let you drop off the map. When your character drops off the map, there your character will bring a Rainbow Parachute instead of a boring green military parachute.

Your character can go to third person or first by your choice anytime. You will find of course weapons, explosives, vehicles, medical supplies and armor. There can be either 30, 50 or 100 players in one map.

I hope Battle Royale in Unturned 2 won’t be generic like the other battle Royale games.

Someone is making a battle royale mod for 4.0. So we don’t need Nelson adding in one xd

Anyways, it’s most likely it will stay the same. If you want pubg then find the guy who I just talked about. I can’t remember his name but ye

Im kind of worried that the person working on the mod for 4.0. The reason why i’m worried is because it will copy Pubg. I just don’t want blue/butthole to get involve with Unturned. Do you want Unturned to be in South Korea too?

After Looking over your post again I saw that you suggested that we make arena basically fortnite… You do realise Nelson can be sued for that, right?

Right. I would say just let Nelson continue his development or let the curated mod work. (From my gameplay idea , it’s nothing like Fortnite, so there is no building or harvest tools)

Yes but he still could be sued for the storm idea. As well as the changing race and such. A mod can’t be copyrighted since its not considered a game xd

The storm idea was a supposed to be a deadzone that decreases radiation and than health, the clothes will only change not the race and gender! Game freak did forced the creators of “Pixelmon (A Minecraft mod)” to shutdown because it effects Pokémon as a brand and they loose money form it.

No battle royal please.

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I don’t know what have gotten into me tonight. I think I need to sleep.

This is untrue. Mods are subject to the same scrutiny, it just so happens that there’s so many of them that it’s hard to control.

I’ve known a few mods that had to be taken down after having copied other games.

You seem to want to avoid Unturned II becoming a generic battle royale game, but by the looks of this suggestion that’s exactly what it would become.

I’d rather stick to the classic arena experience that Unturned has already built up - it has some semblance of uniqueness and the last thing you want to do is lazily rip off mechanics from other games. Especially Fortnite BR, being newer.

Well yeah, of a mod turns a game into another game entirely, I understand. And if someone copies another persons mod, it will get removed. Yada yada yada.

can we just not have arena?

I think that the 3.0 arena idea can be better for Unturned 2. It just needs more players too make it fun!

Arena mode making a comeback in Unturned II is inevitable.

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