How can i get a key for u2 combat demo?

did anyone of you guys get key for the u2 car demo… how ?

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And youtubers

The keys were given out to important community members, people who work direct with Nelson, or content creators. They are currently not being given out, as waves 0 and 1 have ceased as of late last year.


@Armaros is ther wave 2?


Not as of yet. Unturned II/4.0 is becoming rather developed so I’d plan for the release of an actual alpha or beta. I doubt another tech demo wave will happen anytime soon. (Source for all info in thread: am Wave 1 tester)


For the combat one I was told that he is giving it out to people who are recognized, Now I ain’t gonna rat out the person who told me this so yea, but he has the private beta already that’s an assurance

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You could apply for them if you are a regular at

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