How create a custom boulders?

Puddles, …like Russia,PEI, etc… (not the same textures)

Awhile back I found out a method to do the thing you’re asking about, I was able to create Reskin Russia Boulders. Here’s what you do.

Master_Bundle_Override core.masterbundle
Bundle_Override_Path /Objects/Large/Scenery/Boulder_14

Chart Cliff

Landmark_Quality High

Material_Palette 810a898c8d984fec925a83aa6fb26cb7
Asset_Bundle_Version 2

In theory you could do the same thing to Washington/PEI Boulders, if you want to for some reason.

Whats going on here is that it’s making a clone of the object, then applying a material palette to it, make sure to make a custom material palette of course.

Hope this answers your question.


nope, exactly.

I ask that if you enlarge or shrink the texture it does not deform.
that is recognized as a terrain and puddles occur, but it will seem like a secret…

It’s a special shader.

doesn’t work

I was having that problem awhile back, you need something called “CGIncludes” folder. I’ll send it to you. Just throw it in your project’s asset folder.

Make sure to “reimport” your material, it should update and be working fine.

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it works!

What can I say what can I say except, your welcome!

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