How difficult is it


Nelson, how difficult is it for you to change top priority of skin overlaying from pants to shirt?




Chinese or some shit?


peter griffin explain please


now it makes sense!


Guys i have deciphered this code, Once ran through my homemade decoder it translate from



If I was to take a guess on what he’s “asking” (or really, should be suggesting):

When you make clothing (e.g. pants and shirts), they’re using the same template. You can put a shirt texture on your pants, and vice versa.

I assume OP us trying to put a shirt texture on some pants (alongside an actual pants texture too), but when he equips a normal shirt, the pants texture’s shirt overrides the normal shirt texture’s shirt.

I’m not sure why this is an issue, nor why you’d need to add shirt textures to pants, nor why the request has to sound so antagonistic and brief though. I was thinking perhaps you’re making overalls, but overalls would realistically go over the shirt. Maybe you’re making a jumpsuit/onesie? (though, I’d just do the jumpsuit as two separate items tbh)? So dresses/robes then?

Your post is way to brief for people to understandable acknowledge it. Hard to figure out what your post is asking, what you want to accomplish with your post, and why your post is relevant.


I do not understand the question but I know the answer