How do I fix this?

I want my decal to be bundled with my map, but it just won’t work :frowning:

This is what happens when I bundle the decal normally with my map (Unturned > Maps > Map > Bundles > Objects > Small > Decals):

Here’s what happens when I bundle the decal with the game’s files (Unturned > Bundles > Objects > Small > Decals):

It’s really annoying as I need a lot of decals to be bundled with the map, and I can’t seem to get it to work.
Am I doing this wrong somehow, or is there a bug that’s causing this?

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Maybe unturned cant go further then 6 paths because for my decals it set up as
Unturned > Maps > Map > Bundles > Decals
and on another
Unturned > Maps > Map > Bundles > Small > Decals

Unturned\Maps\Germany\Bundles\Objects\Small\Decals is the path of Germany’s decals though. :thinking: It’d be strange if that was the case.

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