How do I install rocketmod for the new hosting method?

I own a medium sized Unturned server. Recently, I updated unturned and see my server no longer works. I rehosted it the way im supposed to and the rocketmod floder I moved no longer works.

This is rather vague. Can you give more information as to what you actually did? E.g., folder hierarchy / file path? Did you place the correct folder (Rocket.Unturned) into the proper location (Modules)?

Did you download the U3DS through SteamCMD, or through Steam?

Did you manually install LDM, or did you use the Install_Rocket.bat to copy the files over? Are you using the LDM fork of Rocket, or an older Rocket version?

The Rocket.Unturned folder itself (available from the U3DS app’s Extras folder) should be copied into the Modules directory. There’s an install batch that does the same thing.

So what you mean to say is that you followed that guide, yeah?