How do you open a server with the host feature?

It may seem like a bit silly, but I’m a beginner in this server-building business and I’d like to open one in the demo and I’d like to know how to use the ‘’ host a server ‘’ feature of the demo how it works for ip and etc

Find your public IP address by just googling “What is my IP”, then go into U4 and host a server. When a friend wants to join you, you give them your public IP and the port “7777” (So they would have to enter ( = local address using as an example)).
Don’t know if you need to port forward, but if you do, then you would go to your router settings and forward it (Look up a guide if not sure how)
I try

could you part of how to host the U4?..

Sorry, didn’t really understand that

@Owl sorry, basically write the method ‘’ go to the folder copy the file, open and write bla bla bla ‘’

You can’t host public servers in that way yet.

Technically you can, but then you would have to have your game/pc on at all times. It’s okay, he figured it out

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The game had this option you just need to join your IP with 7777 and send it to your friend …

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