How many hours on unturned do you have?

Sooooo tell me, how much of your life has been spent on unturned

Im soon about to reach the 1500h mark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2789h so far

don’t we already have a thread for this?
Eh whatever ive got 1309

well could not find one and i dont want to be necroposting even if i found one

estimated around 1800-1900 for me

offtopic, but i just came back from going through the steam workshop artwork category,
it is just a shitshow on there let me tell you
just an utter fuckin shitpost

1900, its weird cause like this is one of the only games i’ve seen were people have spent more then a thousand hours in it

1500 or something. 90 percent working on 1 single map.

~2000 hours

~1000 hours

Only ~300 hours where actual game time, the rest were map making, loading screens and testing if my mods worked.

Too many for my own good. Not enough to impress the community.

1340-1350 hrs

439 hours in 2 years :smiley:

4273 hrs and played yesterday i payed sens the good old days back in 2.0

2250 hours
Been awhile since I played it

500 hours within 5 years is depressing

building in the pirate cave is fun though, until Nelson retextured the cave to poop color


enough hours

1367 hours on record, probably around 200 more spent on 1.0 and pre-steam 2.0

Had 1000 on my old account, so 1350 (approximately).

My computer broke for about a year so i coulden’t play unturned for a while. Sooooo 300 Hours :sob: