How many slots will UII support?

How many slots will Unturned 2 support by default. In unturned 3.0, this is 24, and how many will be in Unturned 2?
If you take Rust for example, then up to 200 people can play on one server without lags, will it be possible in Unturned 2?

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Pretty sure it will be a lot more.

should be a lot more room in 2, the game should run better altogether. im not sure how many exactly yet, i haven’t seen anything about server sizes yet

Nelson has mentioned before larger server sizes.


ya know i really wanted to make a slot machine joke
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It would be cool to have large servers

Nobody actually knows what the player cap will be for Unturned II. It’s too early to speculate either, really.

That’s incorrect. No matter what the game is, more people playing creates more lag. Rust is no exception, and in fact optimization has been a big issue for Rust too.

obviously it depends on people’s PC and internet, and the location of the server to them, so if you have good pc and internet it won’t be as big of a problem

the slot cap on official servers should be directly proportional to the size of the map itself

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Just imagine playing survival in unturned with 200 players :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

200 9 year olds killing you or begging for guns and punching you while they are naked. XD


You just had to ruin the moment :expressionless::joy:

Thats pretty much the whole story :laughing:

16/18/21+ servers? :3

Having large capacity servers (like rusts 200) is very difficult and a lot of people dont seem to get this. For every player, whether you are interacting with them personally or not, is data that is being sent to the server and the server has to send data back. for every single one, every single tick.


I really like how 200 players thing is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
slightly unreasonable

Adding on to my previous comment, A common thing to help with balancing on some survival games (and im pretty sure unturned 3 does it to) is that players are always rendered. So even if you dont see them you are processing their actions in some games.

the only reason rust can hold 200 players is because the map size very large
I could see the insane size maps working (i’m presuming they can hold up to at minimum around 70-90 players)
But compare to the presized maps, it’ll be a fever festive of players with no where to hide or even play

Wel if the maps are larger it wouldn’t be a problem to have 200

But still 200 is a lot of people
If it was 50 I would still be happy with that

I think Nelson should set the bar at 100 first of all.

That seems to be the the standard for battle royal games these days and unturned is sure to see the return of arena mode.

100 for survival would be a good starting point for survival too

So yeah I vote 100 player cap upon release.