How many slots will UII support?


How about 70? 200 would just be fucking horrible, even if the maps are way bigger.


No matter the size of the map, 200 will never work. Maybe later Unturned II when the game is significantly more popular, but 200 wouldn’t work out with a game like Unturned.

Personally the highest I can see it going is 64.


there is a UE4 marketplace mmo package that can support 140 player stably so technically nelson could write code to support around the same amount of players


But how will Unturned’s gameplay be willing to accept up to 140?

It’d need an incredibly large map as well.


Okay so pei is 2km long and 2km wide ue4 supports in multiplayer 20km long anf 20km wide so theoretically unturned 4.0 could have massive maps 4x the size of the insane sized maps in 3.0

So having 140 players in one map will be fine depending on the size , what im saying it is posible to have that many players and a good size map where you dont encounter other players every 2 minutes