How much variety in game is enough to be still enjoyable?

By comparing some items in U3 with their realistic counterparts, there are characteristics which are simplified for the sake of enjoyment. To have a better understanding of what I mean, here are some examples:

-Ammunition (boxes)
In U3, there could be simply one type of bullets, ignoring the realistic caliber affiliation, but instead, we have civilian, military and ranger ones, with the last two tiers being divided into low and high caliber types as well.

Like Brick (stone) and metal, there could be only one type of tree, but instead, we have birch, maple and pine ones.

In U3, there are items which have only one representative, even though there could be variety as well (e.g. binoculars (telescope, military variant [dunno about scopes, they have their own class], fertilizer (for different types of plants); sometimes, it’s relatable to have like only one model for a hammer since ten different variants might add to a broader selection of details but still only fullfilling one purpose without great difference so one detail is enough.

Since U4 is supposed to pay more attention to details, I am curious about what’s the main criteria to add variety to a specific item:

  • What should be the limit for the number of possible variations for one item?
  • Has it to be crucial for gameplay or are background details allowed to have more deepness as well?
    (Weapons are crucial so there are hundreds of objects)
  • Should items have only one dimension of variety or are multiple (how many?) still viable?
    (For example: color, social tier (civilian, military, ranger), sizes, species etc.)
  • Does the variation have to differ in their characteristics or are variations which behave nearly identically acceptable as well?

To give some input for discussion, here are some examples I came up with. Could be also a suggestion to add these in U4:

  • clothes (sizes [S,M,L])
  • batteries (types [cars, planes, electric tools, …])
  • tires (sizes [tractor, go-cart, civic…], purpose [racing, offroad, season, …])
  • nails (nail, screw, …) + according tool
  • g̶a̶s̶o̶l̶i̶n̶e̶ fuel (gas, diesel, jet fuel, …)
  • blood (types)
  • cooking equipment (frying pan, boiler, …)
  • guns of the same model (cobra - stingray, viper - rattlesnake)

You can vote for multiple items you would like to have a variety in game, or none. Also propose your own suggestion if you have any.

  • clothes
  • batteries
  • tires
  • nails
  • gasoline
  • blood
  • cooking equipment
  • guns of the same model
  • none

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Just so you know, gasoline refers to gasoline, not other types of fuel such as diesel.

Also for clothes, things like small, medium and large sizes wouldn’t make too much sense in Unturned. You only have one character size in-game.


Clothes (Yes)

  • Instead of sizes for clothes (Because custom height doesn’t exist) you would have design variety.
    • Shirts (Or tees) are a good example, as you can have over many different textured appearances whether it is plain colour, patterned, or an image/logo shirt. Another example is military colours for uniform.

Batteries (Yes)

  • Batteries would have a small selection. Button cells for small devices like NV goggles, regular batteries for many electronic devices like flashlight, and vehicle batteries for… vehicles.
    • Maybe expand regular batteries with AA, AAA and C/D but probably a bit too much.

Tires (Yes)

  • Tires are pretty self explanatory

Nails? (???)

  • Nails, screws and bolts are already separate from each other (unless you mean bolts and screws are absent in Unturned). Nails would be for crafting wooden items, while bolts and screws can be used for anything else.

Gasoline Fuel (Maybe)

  • I wouldn’t mind if there’s different fuels for vehicles (Cars, boats), appliances (Lighter, chainsaw) and aviation (Helicopters, planes)

Blood types?!? (No)

  • No need for blood types. The only thing it adds is unnecessary deaths because you used the wrong blood bag to heal.

Cooking equipment (probably not)

  • I’m pretty sure cooking equipment variety only matters when advanced cooking is a thing (Pans for fried food, saucepan for boiled food, etc.).
    • Otherwise they only serve for miscellaneous roles such as weak melee weapons (Ones with handles), unusual accessory (container for a helmet) or junk items (For scrap metal/wood)

Guns (Yes)

  • I think there could be variety in a way that it can spawn with different components like barrel, sight and stock



Cooking equipment (probably not)

Please Yarrrr, I want my pots and pans. I must have my culinary imersion.


Cooking equipment probably not is not a option i Wanna cook some cookies for satan jk unless … :3

My mistake, English isn’t my native language so sometimes I might miss the contextual meaning of one word. I corrected it.

Would be nice to have the game adapt to your skins and make them spawn randomly in your map. So instead of allowing only one skin per item (as of U3) and only as a cosmetic which doesn’t affect the game, all can appear as items. So not only eight one-colored T-shirts or similiar.

Also, as it might cause confusion regarding variants of clothing, I did not meant the possibility of having workshop skins , but the appearence in game and on one map; there are many versions of the military outfit from different countries, but they won’t appear on the same map. Like Yarrrr wrote, having different colors of - for example - the Russian military outfit in forest, snow, desert etc. variants (if those biomes appear on the map is another question). Good examples are the desert and forest military outfits in California and the black and blue colored riot gear in France.

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