How old are people on the forum? (Anonymous survey thingy)

Just curious about the general demographic.

  • 40+
  • 35-40
  • 30-35
  • 25-30
  • 20-25
  • 19
  • 18
  • 17
  • 16
  • 15
  • 14
  • 13
  • 12 or under (which is against ToS)

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Silence, boomer

I swear she said she was 18.
A similar poll in #regulars-lounge in April of 2018 found that the average age was 16.58 years old.

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Feels bad man

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Dang, that’s a lot of 18 year olds


lmfao no way this survey is even close to accurate.

No yarrrr, no.

I cant believe im the only 13 year old here

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You’re not… :wink:

Wtf we have 12 year olds

I’m 14 and this is deep

Should I answer this poll as a 56 year-old man or as a 9 year-old girl?


Both. Or neither

Not gonna lie, I sincerly doubt that.

Pretty sure he is talking amount of time you have actually spent on this eart. None of the “I dentify as a X year old” crap.

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This is a yikes

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I’m a 15 year old nibba

Also, I should’ve clarified in my previous comment, but I can guarantee that the majority of this forum page is ~15 y/o. However kids will want to look older in an anonymous poll by saying they’re “18”, the age where most things are legalized while still being considered young enough to not be too old for Unturned.

Basically kids will want to say they’re 18 because it’s the cool popular number.

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I’m hoping no 12 year old was stupid enough to press that option

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