How should PvE and PvP co-exist?

I’m asking peoples opinions on how it should work, I’m not advocating for separate PvP/PvE zones (I infact argued against it)

The original post is pretty clear, there’s even a tldr.

How would that work though?

And I agree

I didn’t ask for it.

Making the game harder doesn’t deter Kos, that method has been tried by every survival game ever.

From Nelson’s posts it doesn’t sound like they will be separated like in 3.0

Mentions of PvP being “end game”

They already can and will co-exist.

It’s just that it will be more PvE based so that enemies will always be a threat in the game and not some minor hindrance in the current game. A good PvE game makes a good PvP game in terms of the amount of trying to kill on sight (Convenient for casuals), because you should be more worried about the enemies

I don’t see what’s the concern

I think you’re heavily misinterpreting some of Nelson’s posts then.


I don’t have a concern…
.I’m asking for peoples opinions lol and all I get is people disagreeing with an idea I never suggested or just not answering the question.

/Fail thread.

Making the game hard won’t prevent rampant Kos, many games tried that route.

Edited the original post to be just a question.

I was assuming you had one. Like, why ask if 2 basic types of gamemode could coexist?

People thought you made a suggestion because you bring up something people never heard of nor thought about it (Zones)

Yes I thought from reading posts that PvP would be more of a late game thing so I assumed there must be away to prevent early game pvp’ing.

But now I see people think it’s just going to be pvp “always turned on” but player will Kos less because the game is more difficult, but I don’t think that will work.

Of course there will separate pve only servers but that’s a different issue, I was wondering how Kos will be less on servers with PvP enabled specifically

Systems that encourage not murdering each other. Nothing is going to “prevent” early-game PvP, it’s just a discouragement.

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actually, it wont get rid of it, but it will make it less likely. If people have to pay more attention to surviving zombies, they will less likely try to murder everyone they see. Yes, there will be little kids who constantly try to kos everyone they see because they think 4.0 will be pvp based instead, but its more likely that they will get bored before they even manage to get the stuff needed to kill someone else. Or when they try to punch someone to death they die because the other person might have a slightly better weapon, or knows the games control. Yes, makingt he game harder wont prevent it, but it will make it less likely to happen.
Edit, molt already said what I said, basically XD
edit 2. I now understand what you meant, and I guess that could work, making certain areas like say, a military base or a hospital a place where people can pvp would be interesting, cause then it would make sense, because survivors would fight over the right to loot places like those.

Can you please put some examples? Because as far as I’ve seen, only few survival games has been made hard and realistic enough to make people progress in this order (or alike):

  • Find decent gear to survive first days
  • Cooperate with other players to achieve further success*
  • Settle up a base
  • Gain strenght and defend
  • Gain certain control over the looting areas (this implying a very possible gameplay-wise conflict with a rival group)

(*) This one may be switched with the next one or skipped according to preferences

Instead, this is what I currently see in Unturned and most (non-hardcore) survival games:

  • Get any sort of weapon
  • Kill anyone and steal their stuff
  • Raid their bases and gather even more stuff
  • Kill anyone and steal their stuff
  • Raid their bases and gather even more stuff
  • Kill anyone and steal their stuff

literally. making the game more beautiful/PvE focused isn’t going to stop micspamming 8 year olds from playing the game and killing people.

However, it could function the same as in 3.0. there’s no way to really manipulate that without it being tedious and stupid

Hinder, but not completely stop

That’s something that would obviously prevail regardless of how much is done to prevent it

True, but it’ll be hard to do and end up pissing people off

We already know UII is headed in the direction of a hardcore survival game.

Simply make it so that the environment is so much of a threat that players seriously need to reconsider engaging in a fight. (Which is already going to happen.)

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It will never.

You can only have one or the other per server.

I’d say the best way to prevent KOS would be to have large maps (relative to the player count) with open lines of sight (relative to the effective ranges of the weapons.) You’re less likely to get swarmed or snuck up on if there’s only a few people to pay attention to, and there’s no way you can KOS if people are too far to kill when you first see them.

I don’t feel like that will prevent it.
It’ll just take longer for people to kill eachother.
(IE Germany and Russia, but all you see is PEI and Washington servers because potato users dominating the scene.)

I hate to be that guy but theres nothing anyone can do to stop KOS. As long as people have the ability to kill, they will… and because they can, they have to.