How should Unturned II OST be?

part of me wants something western-y for some reason

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I think hawaiian, acoustic and guitar is just pretty mediocre. What about hip hop, house or dubstep!

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i’d like, just soft acoustic guitar strumming, imagine walking through a beautiful grassy field with some nice soft guitar music

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Hot take: All we need is a main menu track.

If there was an OST in the actual game, everyone would have it disabled in order to hear important things like footsteps or gunfire. Maybe some swelling dark ambient stuff in deadzones or areas where turned/radiation/spores pose far more of a danger than players. On top of that it costs money to hire a producer to make a decent time, and costs time to make your own.

Obligatory poll.

  • Only main menu track
  • A actual OST
  • Dark ambiance in extremely dangerous areas/excursions/dungeons
  • No music, just bird chirps/wind and the like

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I think UII should have a suble soundtrack that plays depending on the time of day and season, and maybe even location and weather. It shouldn’t be too intrusive and kinda low, it’s goal would be to make the game feel more atmospheric. I don’t exactly know how it could be done, but the tracks definetly shouldn’t be melody based.

The tracks should evoke and convey certain feelings to the players, but since I really don’t know how well a background soundtrack would work in a multiplayer game, I feel that the ambiance sounds should include random sounds sounds that set the atmosphere better and would always keep the player on alert even when they feel alone.

Such sounds could be random faint but audible screams in the distance during nights, trees, branches and leaves cracking in autumn, whisper-like sounds coming from the left or the right of the player during blizzards, the sound of a building creaking in the distance in summer, metal fences rattling from winds, maybe even a burst of rifle shots followed by screams of fear that stop abruptly during rainstorms.


Personally, I dont think any music should play in multiplayer because while being emotion-inducing, it could possibly distract the player from other ordeals. If there was one, though, at least have it able to be disabled in the options.

In my opinion , there should be differents themes for several things such as :

Main theme

The theme playing on main menu or during trailers / official videos

Fighting theme

This theme could be disabled by the player or the server owner . It would add some fighting theme , there could possibly be 1 when fighting against turned and 1 when fighting against players, there could also be a specific theme for boss fights

Ambient theme

This last theme would be a theme playing during weathers events , when walking in some locations such as cities , bases .
However , players could disable it and servers too .

The games in which I had the best experience are thoses with high quality theme (eg : Ark, The Last of Us) , I think Unturned could certainly become a game with a great soundtrack .

I can agree with the main menu theme, but we don’t need any ambient or fighting themes. This is a PVE/PVP MP game and should be treated as such.

Honestly, acoustic or banjo would be nice, sorta like the Last of Us OST. Nice, calming, background music would be enjoyable if you’re just wondering around or safely looting, but we wouldn’t want something too lively during combat or else with would be distracting, but then again, turning it off would be an option so I’m all for it. Honestly now that I think of it, an orchestrated OST would be awesome too, Uncharted 4 is a good example.

I kinda imagine the unturned II ost like ark one , not by the musical style but about how it’s made , musics specific for locations , others specific for events / fight .

I know that this exists: Old soundtrack from 2.0 beta

Meh, i think we need some ambiance, or an actual ost or whatever.

Maybe even for low health and blood moon ?

Also it would be cool for music to be dynamic
More zombies - more intense music
Music for boss battles mabe?

This is a survival game, not an MMO. No offense, but I don’t think adding music to a survival game mid raid when you’re trying to hear for footsteps.

However, for a menu screen, then all to it.

I just prefer natural ambience. Wind blowing, waves crashing, bird chirping, owls… ummm… whatever sound owls make.



A survival game should have the best music of all, none.
As for a song on the menu, I’d say any theme with the same feel as the current would suffice.


A wouldn’t mind some primarily peaceful background music, especially if music was dynamic and based on the situation, but I really just want more environmental ambience first and foremost.


Rust does that pretty great. Eerie ambient for exploration, building tension, and while in combat some background drums and synths.

Ambient sounds that go with a certain type of material. Forest’s would have bird and creaking woods, Snow would be completely silent with a little wind, sand would be just windy, and shores would have the regular sound. For an OST when you open the game, a remaster of the current OST would be cool

This is actually the thing I would enjoy
That would go pretty well with the ambiance .
Well not this OST but something of that kind

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