How to add bundled assets to map?

The title might be confusing, but is it possible to make a bundles folder and just put my custom assets in it so people don’t have to sub to another mod for the maps custom assets? Is it as simple as just making a folder and putting them in the right place?

I don’t really know if the game will “kinda” seperate your bundle file from the map or not when uploading to the workshop.

But it is possible. Just make sure you put it in that map’s folder. Setting GUID and id that doesn’t overrides any existing one.

In your map there is a file called bundles. You can delete that file and replace with one of the curated maps bundle file, and delete the curated custom man’s content.

I know it may seem complex, but it’s actually really simple: What you do is create a folder in your map file named “bundles.” Inside that, you’ll want to imitate the normal Unturned bundles folder as closely as possible. If your map has custom items, put an “items” file in that folder. Same thing with objects. Now, go into the objects folder you’ve just created. This is where the type of your assets comes in. Create three new folders: large, medium, and small. Imitate the file path of your assets as closely as possible and boom, it’s bundled.

Not sure if this is really that intelligible i just woke up but hey

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