How to change your username on this forum?

can someone help me changing my name on this forum

@MoltonMontro or @Yarrrr This guy might need ure help, unless its not really allowed. I dunno.

Go to

Change your name there.

thanks buddy

that page dont exist

good ping btw

the page doesnt exist man

The link isn’t meant to work, you put your name in.

Edit: Oh, you meant username. It doesn’t seem like you can edit that by yourself.
You’ll probably have to ask the mods like Aj_Gaming was saying.

yes thats my profile whats wrong with it

I tried this but with your username lol

umm you just enter the gear button on your profile and the preferences are there but it doesnt give me the option to change my name

But this is for your actual name, not username.
So the solution is to hope the moderators like you enough and change your name for you.

What are you trying to change your username to?

yeah ik that but it doesnt give me the option to change my username i guess someone has to change it

to my discord username

did you changed my topic category?

I moved it to #meta since it’s a meta discussion. If you click the orange pencil next your post you can see its edit history.

Usernames can’t contain spaces. Were you wanting a_normal_dexter as your username?

well theres no sdg forum questions and is not unturned related so i posted it on communiy lunge and yes i want that username

That’s what #meta is. I’ve changed your username to a_normal_dexter now.