How to create a mod

Hello guys!
I searched online but found nothing except an unofficial GUIDE posted 2017 on how to create a mod for unturned.
I wanted to find something more up to date but found nothing.
Any chance someone is willing to explain to me what are the things I need to create a mod and make the item I want to create have a recipe?

nothing has really changed since 2017, so that guide is probably still accurate.


There’s actually a playlist somewhere with modding tutorials from Nelson and Modz2much. I forgot where it is though and all the videos are unlisted so you have to find a link, so maybe somebody else here knows where to find it.


But that guide is for when the game was still using the unity engine and I read that the game has changed to Unreal Engine 4 which is why I am asking for a more up to date guide
Here is the link for it Link for the Outdated Guide

Thank you, I will try to look around or maybe I will just ask for my simple idea to be made into a simple mod by someone who knows how :sweat_smile:

Unturned 3.0, the current game, is still on unity, using version 2018.4LTS. What you’re referring to is Unturned II which is an entirely separate game from the current one


Yeah you can’t just switch an entire game to a new engine, especially when they’re in different languages like Unreal and Unity. At best that would require translating a ton of syntax and converting assets, at worst that would require the game to be completely rewritten.


Wow, that is a very epic and helpful contribution to this discussion. Take your internet point please.


Thank you for once again adding absolutely nothing to the discussion in the thread. Next time, if you don’t have anything meaningful to say, don’t say anything at all


Sorry sister

mostly up to date guides for most mod types
if the videos are old that’s because nothing has changed other than the version of unity for the most part

Their isn’t going to be a modding guide for U2 for a long while. Especially because their isn’t even a map editor or an offically released Unreal Version of Unturned.

Alright thank you guys <3

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