How to get in 4.0 beta?

Hey I was wondering how to get in beta and I think it should be by getting gold and having 500+ hours at least because I think 1k is a little too much. Me, honestly, I have been playing since 2.0 and I’ve loved the game so far. Hope you read this. Cheers!

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Seeing as it doesnt exist no one knows, but in an interview he stated that he was thinking of giving the second or third beta to gold members.

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There’s likely going to be multiple betas with different requirements for each. Like pulp said, he was thinking of a closed beta for Gold users who were Gold before the beta started to be put in place somewhere down the line.

EDIT: for clarification, “He” is referring to Nelson, not pulpfreewater.

Pretty much the above 2 comments.

But yeah, who knows when it will come out. It is only known that there would be a specific requirement to access certain stages of the beta versions. I think there will be a select group of people who will gain access to the first beta, while gold users will get access when the 2nd stage of the beta comes out (Must own the DLC before that).

My speculation is:
1st and veeeery early beta:A specific group of individuals selected by Nelson.
2nd a little bit more polished,but still early beta:Gold members before the release of the beta.
3rd and finally open beta with a plethora of features:well,everyone,just download and play.

As I said,this is just my speculation,nothing is confirmed yet.

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4.0 will be a totally separate game so it is not necessary to play 3.0 Nelson was considered the beta to be closed only for guests so I think if it really is for guests it should be for people who helped the unturned in some way an example the map developers.

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