How to have an NPC give you a keycard?


for the map i’m making, there’s a large scrp 7 base that most of it requires a keycard to access, i was wondering how an NPC could give you a keycard.


with his hands.


stop joking around…l\

anyways, ching, its should be a sort of reward. Im not entirely sure how to set it upo, but someone like @Dieselsisel or someone else who I cant think of


Maybe you could make the NPC into a trader that gives a keycard for something really hard to get


The keytcard object is usually nto seen. I think he means like the one for the scp 7 facility or something on russia


Why not have a location, like a Scorpion-7 outpost, with a room that only unlocks when you complete the quest for the NPC, much like how the Greece ones function, and inside the room is an item that’s akin to the Warden’s Key but for the main base?