Huh pretty weird


My cousins in Tencent just called, they said your social credit score went down, and they’re charging 25% more on your purchases.


May we praise you and your ideology, RedComm. All hail Tencent! Does this mean that China won’t steal my data anymore? And can you ask your Tencent cousins to give me a discount on some video gamesssssss.


What’s the entirety of that wallpaper.

I bet 2 cents that it’s something anime related.

I bet 2 cents that it isn’t anime related.
.either way I win.

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a discount on some Blizzcomunist Games? sure



shit ni :b::b:a you caught me, you right

if you’re following r/blizzard you’ll understand most of it

Why would I follow blizzard?

Are those the people who made overwatch? If they are, then I definitely won’t follow them as I an a loyal tf2 player.

If not, then maybe I’ll follow them.



what I meant is the massive shitstorm they’ve created by banning somebody who embraced the Chinese protests and believed freedom of speech. Blizzard being the shitrats they are, banned him and removed the cash prize he won.

hence is the reason the icon is a china communist flag

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That’s weird, it’s not what mine looks like


Jeff Kaplan be like :safety_vest:

:safety_vest: This is an emoji?

Why is that an emoji.

:diya_lamp: :sari: :manual_wheelchair: :man_in_manual_wheelchair: :woman_in_manual_wheelchair:


I’m fine.

I’m saddened by the fact that we live in an age where the first game that comes to mind isn’t WoW, Diablo, or StarCraft… or even Hearthstone.

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gotta love that sweet sweet 40%
though, i will give respect where respect is due
at least Tim Sweeney said he wont bend the knee to china

more like d a m a g e c o n t r o l

bro you just posted cringe

you are going to lose social credit score


yeah that probably is sad, though I dont really know any of those games, so you have your explanation.

@kvc.6 my motorized wheelchair is better. :man_in_motorized_wheelchair: :man_in_motorized_wheelchair::man_in_motorized_wheelchair:

Motorized Wheel Chair?

I think you mean Sped Mobile :man_in_motorized_wheelchair::man_in_motorized_wheelchair::man_in_motorized_wheelchair:

the missing 3 infinite stones

Hey guys funny story
If you make a winnie the pooh joke on the blizzcon forum
you get fucking banned

Looks Like the Piglet mods cant handle a bit of banter


There no need to complain about one forum on another. Go take your :safety_vest: and get out of here.

They did not appreciate that fortnite funny.

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