I can only log into my forum account on mobile but not on PC?

Well as the title says, whenever I try to log into my account on PC it just gives me “unknown error” in red but it works just fine when accessing the forum from my phone’s browser. I tried deleting chrome browsing history and cookies and cache but it didn’t work. I even tried other browsers and it still didn’t let me log in on PC. What’s causing this weird phenomenon?

Did you try logging out on your phone? (For me the prompt says “Cerrar sesión” but I don’t know what to look for with your language settings.)

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Make sure that you have “https://” and not just “http://”


Can you try signing in from a third device? Like another computer?

If it happens on an entirely different computer then it likely isn’t a problem local to your computer.

If it doesn’t happen on another computer. Then the issue is local. Perhaps a anti-virus issue. Pop-up blocker. Firewall. Anything. You can try accessing the forum form Incognito mode as well and see if that helps.

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hey thank you all for replying! turns out the problem was that the URL had to include https for some reason, as RedComm said.