I can't join my favourite server


I can’t join my most favourite Unturned server. It’s a modded server called Nordic Military RP, I have played on this server for quite a while, and I generally don’t like any other servers. So the issue is that, every time I try to join I’m greeted by the message “The server has lost your connection” after 10-15 seconds on the loading screen. When I still had my crap pc it would load for 20min and this never happened. Please help before I jump outta the window


It’s a bad connection. Try a different wi-fi network (if you have a friend’s house you can go to or something) to see if it’s a problem with your own network, or if it’s a bad connection due to the server’s location, or if it’s your pc


Or maybe the server was in trouble. And maybe they fix it soon


okay look, that crap pc is next to me and it still works to join. Everybody elsde can join server no biggie.


try verifying game files


Could be an issue with firewall settings.


no, how come it works fine for 2-3months, but now it doesn’t, verified game files, restarted pc, restarted steam. no luck


I still need help peeps


Like molt said, its probably a firewall issue. If it was working fine, and then just stopped working, your firewall settings may have changed.


jea well, they already are unblocked so meh, not that