I got banned from multiplayer

I just got on my Unturned from being gone for 1 hour and got back and It said I was banned from multiplayer so I closed the game and opened obs and recorded it. https://youtu.be/029_NyrvrkA

Reeertewwsgvrrdxcf. I bet you were hacking


Eloquently put.

If you were banned there’s a reason, and if it was actually false you would be one of hundreds in a ban wave, and seeing as there hasn’t been a ruckous about one, you are rightfully banned. Either way there isn’t anything anyone can do on the forum.


Yarrrr be like: No appealing bans

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Sorry you cannot appeal here nor will your ban ever be removed. They are permanent and non-negotiable.

I assume you were fully aware that we also do not allow ban appeals in Steam either, as mentioned in Read Before Posting. The fore mentioned post also explains about bans.

If you really think you did nothing wrong, like many others who attempt to appeal, take it up to BattlEye in their support section. However I doubt they would budge with a case as common as yours, even with the video (Which doesn’t really explain anything).