I lost basically all my progress from this bug


So me and my teammate were at St. Petersburg when our apc got stuck, we were chasing some firetruck. That guy was camping on the roof of the apc and my friend saw his body parts sticking through the roof of the apc. I killed him, and then the apc flew (with us inside) and then we were above the map and flew outside the southern border of russia. We both died from lack of oxygen and when we tried to exit the vehicle we were in some sort of water. Basically swimming in the air. I had the flight boost activated (700% ragdoll and carjack velocity) Is it possible that the ragdoll pushed the apc away because of the 700% velocity boost? Or was it something else because ragdolls are non-collidable?


We also were the strongest group in the server and now we’re the weakest because of that glitch. I couldn’t save my other two teammates who also died because of a geared guy attacking us. If that glitch would not happened then everyone who attacked us would’ve died. It took ALOT of time to grind for the loot we had. 10+ Mega zombies, 20+ loot runs and 5+ base raids (we got nykorev ammo, ranger boxes and grenades from those raids)


No, because ragdolls and non-collidable and client-side.


Then what could have happened?


Here is my friend’s screenshot.


Ive never seen this glitch before. but, well… I dont think theres anything you can do to get it back.


Could have been evil scary admin :scream:


doubt it. admins cant teleport you that far outside the map. Even with plugins


I hope nelson can fix this glitch/bug.


haha you lost your gear lmao


To top it off, our bases got raided, me and my team is currently on a big re-gearing operation.



it was me that raided you lol


@Noobyfish I don’t think you play on the 2rgames server.