I messed up big time

I did cheat in an unturned multiplayer game because of a heated group of people calling me some racial slurs and profanity and kind of gotten mad… I know it was immature of me and I regret doing it. Is there anyways to get unbanned? or is there a way to apologize for my mistake Also does ban carry on to Unturned 2? where I won’t be able to play with anyone?

Edit: thanks for the Replies, I’m glad I’ll at least get to play Unturned II and I’m sure I’ve learned my lesson

sorry, you cant appeal bans here.

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It doesn’t carry to UII.

And now you are suffering consequences. Be responsible for what you are doing.
And no, bans are unappealable, even at BattlEye support


Bans are permanent for your account.

Read the ToS next time.

If Unturned II uses BattlEye for its anti-cheat, you wont be able to play on BattlEye enabled servers for the game with your account.

Technically it doesn’t carry over to UII. Your account is only restricted to playing on non-BattlEye servers.


I did cheat

ok, bye.


Sorry mate but you cannot appeal here nor will you ban ever be removed. They are permanent and non-negotiable.

By that I mean, you cannot appeal even to BattlEye support who only go for legitimate false bans.

Like what others said, bans from the previous game do not go along with the new game.